Dos Si Dos by the little $togie farmer

Dos Si Dos: the myths, the hype, the word, the buzz & facts.

Barneys Farm’s Cali Collection gets another jolt of superpower with this explosive collection of terpenes fused together from some of the world’s most astounding US cannabis phenotypes.

Dos Si Dos was developed from OG Kush Breath, a knockout Girl Scout Cookies pheno crossed with Face Off OG, then crossed again with our legendary Cookies Kush (OG Kush pheno x GSC) AND THAT’S ONLY HALF OF THE STORY.

Add in a subtle blend of Gelato #33 to the pot with its star struck Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC heritage and boom!  A new champion was born sativa burst of euphoric energy is followed by tranquillity with sedative properties capable of happily tranquilizing an elephant if you are overzealous or uninitiated!

Indoors you can expect up to 700g of breath-taking flowers per m2, with a compact height of only 90cm. Outdoors plants bearing up to an astonishing 2KG are easily achievable with a mid-October finish.  This extraordinary contrasting lime green and violet 22-28% THC deliciously tasting Indica (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) will leave a lasting relaxed and happy feeling on all who grow her and experience her unique old school stony high.

Dos Si Dos 33 is an incredible mix of several amazing genetics, such as OG Kush Breath, Face Off OG, Girl Scout Cookies pheno and others.

This indica-dominant strain, which also gives a satiated energetic effect and a powerful relaxation after then. Inexperienced smokers need to be careful.

The plant has a compact size of 90 cm, grows quickly, and yields up to 700 g. It is also easily grown outdoors and Matures by mid-October.

The variety has a high 22-28% THC level. The smoke brings a happy, relaxed buzz that turns into a stone body effect. The aroma resembles the smell of cookies with mint, citrus notes.

More California genetics from Barney's Farm courtesy of Dis-Si-Dos 33, an indica-dominant (60%) strain which displays a super-concentration of terpene power, very high yields, off the map THC levels as well as an aesthetically-pleasing visual aspect. To cap it all this is a strain which is extremely easy to grow.

Its genetic heritage is rather complex, encompassing OG Kush Breath (GSC x Face Off OG) crossed with Barney's own Cookies Kush (OG Kush x GSC); the product of this union was further dusted with magic via some Gelato #33 genetics - a fusion of Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mints pheno of GSC! Quite some cannabis pedigree we are sure you will agree.

It is a beautiful plant which turns both lime green and violet for a striking contra which will brighten any garden. Indoors this plant remains squat growing to a height of 90 cm. or so. In 60 - 65 days of flowering yields as high as 700 gr/m2 can be obtained. Outdoors, up to 2000 gr/plant can be harvested (dried weight) in mid-October. Having good resistance against the cold as well as against mould and insects means that its zone of cultivability is quite wide.

Its scent is reminiscent of cookies, sherbet, and lime while the taste has mint, lime, and spice to the fore. THC production is extremely high at between 22 - 28% and this provides an initial burst of euphoric sativa-style energy before evolving into a very physically relaxed state which has sedative properties. The effect is long-lasting and somewhat old-school in nature.


Barney's Farm Dos Si Dos 33 strain is nothing short of the total package! She successfully combines gourmet flavours and aromas with breath-taking power and a nearly overwhelming high that starts off Sativa strong with raging euphoria before it settles down into peaceful Indica tranquillity that will lull you into dreamland.

Dos Si Dos Flowering Time = 60-65 Days

Smells Fresh Cookies Topped with Lime Sherbet!

Lime Green and Dark Violet Colours

Includes GSC, Sunset Sherbet & Face Off OG DNA

To top it off, Dos Si Dos 33 Feminized Seeds rank a solid 1 on Barney's Farm difficulty scale. She is a perfect choice for first timers and those who do not want a lot of complications. Mould & powdery mildew will not be a problem. Inside, after a mere 60-65 days, yields will top out at 700 gr/m2 (2000 gr/seed outside) made up of big, resinous buds in various shades of lime green and dark purple. THC averages 22 to 28%!


NB: Itching to try your hand on a Dos Si Dos grow? Who would not be! But it is still illegal in the UK so Big G has to say that is a big no. Keep your seeds dormant and safe for when the laws change.

Barney's Farm outdid themselves with their new (for 2020) Dos Si Dos 33 seeds! This innovative knockout keeps heights small while maximizing yield, potency, flavour and gobsmacking high. We cannot say enough good things about this cross. Genetics include everything from GSC to Face Off OG to Cookies Kush and Sunset Sherbet. This feminized seed is 200% a winner!

Take the passenger seat, buckle up, and get ready to blast off with Dos Si Dos 33 – a feminized cannabis variety from Barney’s Farm. This Indica-dominant beast of a strain hides a savage 28% THC content under its hood, enough for even the most experienced cannabis users to succumb to her heavy-hitting high. Combining both Indica and Sativa effects, neither your mind nor your body will be spared by this muscle car of the cannabis world.

When creating their new feminized variety, Dos Si Dos 33, breeder Barney’s Farm decided to take their foot off the breaks! Just see for yourself – this cannabis strain has it all!


Thanks to its exceptionally impressive family tree, which includes Face Off OG, Cookies Kush, and Gelato #33 phenotypes, among others, Dos Si Dos boasts a colossal THC content of 28%, all tightly packed in a hardy 90cm (2’11”) plant.

THC Levels

The THC content of Dos Si Dos 33 is stratospheric, coming in at anywhere from 22-28%. With enough THC to tranquilize a horse, cannabis novices should take it slow with this lady.

Smell and Taste

The exciting terpene profile of Dos Si Dos 33 is just as bold as her effects. Neon-green and purple buds only enrich the experience, with the pronounced taste of spiced lime and mint fused with the aromas of sherbet and fresh cookies.

Grow Tips

Considering the monster quality of buds that you get after harvest and all the benefits of choosing Dos Si Dos 33 for cultivation, this feminized strain is extremely easy to grow. Suitable even for first-time growers, she is completely resistant to various types of problems, including mould and powdery mildew. Even spider mites prefer to stay away from this vigorous bush!

This plant has a short height of just 90cm (2’11”) – perfect for both indoor cultivation and stealthy outdoor setups.

She is also suitable for various climate zones, and can be grown in cool, hot, or temperate conditions.

Finally, she is easy to grow, so is well-suited even for novice growers.

Barney's Farm pulled out all the stops with Dos Si Dos 33. This breeding project captured the best traits from some of America's most popular strains, including Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, and Face Off OG, to boost the power all the way to 22–28% THC. The taste and smell are sublime, but the raging high is unstoppable, starting off as an energetic boost followed by couch-locking sedation.


From the first taste of Dos Si Dos 33, the Cookies family shines through in this Dos Si Dos x Gelato 33 cross. Girl Scout Cookies adds a minty edge to the flavour while Sunset Sherbet contributes a sweet lime element. The aroma is similar, but more like fresh-baked cookies with a side of creamy-smooth lime sherbet. The Face Off OG lineage really kicked up the yield and THC level, but extraordinarily little fuel or pine can be detected in this genetic mix.

Barney's Farm Dos Si Dos 33 is amazingly simple to grow and promises to be a boon to first timers who want a plant that consistently excels. These feminized seeds are highly resistant to mould, stay short and bushy, and produce massive yields of gold, purple, and green buds after a 60–65-day flowering period. Outdoor growers will see fully ripened buds in October, well before any bad weather sets in.

A 60% indica, 40% sativa hybrid bred from the finest American genetics, Dos Si Dos 33 has a forceful high that balances a delectable mental buzz with a comfortable physical stone. To start, you will feel an electric jolt of energy followed by a rush of calm euphoria. After the initial fun, the overall effect settles down into a relaxed feeling of tranquillity that is just a touch sedating.

Dos-Si-Dos #33 Feminized Seeds are a cross of Do Si Dos x Gelato #33. Dos-Si-Dos lineage originates from OG Kush Breath, a pheno of Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Face Off OG. Then crossed again with Barney’s Farms legendary Cookies Kush (OG Kush pheno x GSC). The Gelato#33 is a combination of Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC giving us the new Do-Si-Dos #33. indoor yields of up to 700g/m2 with a flower period of 60 to 65 days. The outdoor harvest window begins mid-October with an amazing yield of up to 2KG. A 60% Indica dominant hybrid with a THC content of 22-28% makes a great new addition to Barney’s Farms Cali Collection.